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Galvalume Steel Coil (GL)

The galvalume steel coil is based on the aluminum-zinc alloy structure which is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicium, and formed by solidification under the high temperature of 600°C. It is actually the alloy coated steel plate with the structure of compact four-element crystal formed via aluminum, ferrum, silicium and zinc. Compared with the hot dipped galvanized steel plate, the product shows more excellent performance in corrosion resistance, heat resistance and heat reflectivity. Therefore, the galvalume steel coil has been largely applied into many fields.

1. Electromechanical Area
Computer enclosure, communication equipment, electricity box, electrical cabinet, etc.

2. Home Appliance
Gas Oven, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave oven, LCD TV frame, CRT explosion-proof band, LED backlight, dehumidifier, electric cabinet, video recorder, water heater, etc.

3. Building
Floor support plate, ceiling board, balcony, warehouse, roof, compartment, wall, garage, soundproof wall, pipeline, modular room, etc.

4. Automobile
Muffler, exhaust pipe, wiper accessory, fuel tank, cargo body, matching board of vehicle body interior, bus, and back seat of truck, transmission system, etc.

5. Agricultural Equipment
Big barn, boxroom, greenhouse, the drying machine, water channel, feeder, etc.

6. Furniture and Others
Vending machine, entertainment machine, stovepipe, office facilities, etc.

Standard JIS G 3321, ASTM A792
Grade SGLC, CQ
Thickness 0.16mm ~ 3.0mm
Width 600mm ~ 1500mm
Inside Diameter of Coil 508 mm, 610mm
Coil Weight 2-20MT
55% Aluminum Zinc Coating 50g ~ 275g
Spangle Regular Spangle
Surface Treatment Chemical Treatment, Oiled, Dry, Anti-fingerprint Treatment

Surface Treatment
Type Feature
Chemical Treatment Minimizing the formation of dark gray discoloration on the surface caused by humid-storage staining
Retaining the bright metallic luster for a long time
Oiling Minimizing the possibility of humid-storage stain
Chemical Treatment and Oiling The chemical treatment keeps the product protected from the humid-storage staining, and the oiling provides lubricity for operation.
Dry Being transported and stored carefully with special precautions to keep low humidity
Anti-fingerprint Treatment Minimize the possibility of the dark gray discoloration on the surface caused by humid-storage staining

Mechanical Property
Grade Tensile Strength Yield Point Elongation Hardness (HRB)
Commercial Grade 36~44 28~34 30~36 55~65
Drawing Grade 29~35 18~22 36~42 36~48
Structural Steel (Gr-E) Grade 66~72 65~71 4~8 80~90

Our galvalume steel coil is mainly supplied to the customers in South America, as well as in Brazil and Peru. Apart fm the competitive product, foremost service is also available to the customers.

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