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Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil (GI, HDG, CGI)

The hot-dipped galvanized steel coil is manufactured by using the cold rolled steel coil as the base plate and exploiting the continuous hot dip galvanizing. It is characterized by strong corrosion resistance, goof surface quality, facilitating deep processing, high practicability, high economy, strong ageing property, uniform coating, etc. The product is primarily applied into the fields involving construction, home appliance, automobile, vessel, transportation, etc. It is especially applicable in the fields of steel structural construction, automobile manufacturing, steel silo manufacturing, etc.

Sales Condition
The hot-dipped galvanized steel coil currently accounts for a large proportion in our total steel product export amount. We averagely sell the product of 15000t per month to the foreign customers in which the traders and distributors predominates. Those customers mainly distribute in South America, East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Korea.

Standard JIS G3302, EN 10327, ASTM A653
Grade SGCC, DX51D+Z, CS-B
Thickness 0.12mm ~ 3.75mm
Width 600mm ~ 1500mm
Zinc Coating Weight 40g ~ 275g/m²
Coil Weight 2 ~ 20 MT
Inside Diameter of Coil 508mm, 610mm
Spangle Type Regular Spangle, Minimized Spangle, Non Spangle

Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment Features
Chemical Passivating Treatment Minimizing the white rust forming possibility during the process of transport and storage
Maintaining bright and lustrous appearance for a longer time
Oiled Minimizing the tendency of stain forming in storage and transport
Passivated + Oiled Preventing stain during storage and transport by using special chemicals called corrosion inhibitors

Surface Finish Pattern Application
Normal Spangle Standard spangles with flower pattern General uses
Small Spangle Minimized spangles than regular type General painting applications
Non-spangle Extremely minimized spangles Special painting applications

Our hot-dipped galvanized steel coil has comparative advantage. We also offer other competitive products and good service to customers.

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