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Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI)

Brief Introduction
The pre-painted galvanized steel coil takes the hot-dipped galvanized steel plate as the base plate. After the surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), the hot-dipped galvanized steel plate is painted with a layer of primer and then a layer of top coating with organic coatings on the front side, as well as a layer of back coating with organic coatings on the back side. Via baking for curing, the pre-painted galvanized steel coil comes out.

In addition to the zinc coating protection layer, the organic coating on the surface also plays an important role in protecting the product. It covers on the surface of the product and prevents the formation of rust. The product has much longer service lifetime than the hot-dipped galvanized stele coil by about 1.5 times.

We have rich pre-painted galvanized steel coil reserve. The products from state-owned and private enterprises are both available with all price levels to meet the diversified demands of customers in different countries and regions. Our professional buyer is familiar with production process, controls the quality of steel products, guarantees the timeliness of delivery, and provides the technical support. In respect of the logistics, we are professional to offer the multimodal transport and door to door services.

Standard JIS G3312, EN 10169, ASTM A755
Grade CGCC, DX51D+Z
Thickness 0.13mm ~ 1.80 mm
Width 600mm ~ 1250mm
Zinc Coating Weight 40 ~ 275g/m²
Top Coating 5+ (10~25)μm
Back Coating 5~25μm
Color RAL Series or according to Sample Color
Paint Brand AkzoNobel, NIPPON, KCC, etc.
Paint Type PE, PVDF, SMP, HDP
Special Paint Wrinkle Paint, Pearlescent Lacquer, Wood Grain, Film
Coil Weight 2~12 MT
Inside Diameter of Coil 508mm, 610mm

Painting Category
Category of Painting Item Code
Polyester PE
High-durability Polyester HDP
Silicon Modified Polyester SMP
Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF

Coating Performance and Technical Conditions
Coating Type Paint Type Coating Thickness (μm) Pencil Hardness Luster 60° (%) Bending Reverse Impact (J) Salt Spray Resistance (h)
High Middle Low Thickness≤0.75mm (Steel Sash≤0.80mm)
180° T-bending
0.75mm (Steel Sash>0.80mm)
Grade A Grade B
Secondary Coating Polyester ≥20 ≥F ≥70 40 ~70 <40 ≤3T ≤5T 90° ≥9 ≥500
Silicon Modified Polyester ≥20 ≥F ≥70 40 ~70 <40 ≤3T ≤5T 90° ≥9
Polyvinylidene Fluoride ≥20 ≥F 40 ~70 <40 ≤2T ≤5T 90° ≥9 ≥1000
Plastisol ≥100 40 ~70 <40 ≤1T ≤5T 90° ≥9
Primary Coating Polyester ≥10 ≥HB ≥70 40 ~70 <40 ≤3T ≤5T 90° ≥9 ≥250

Use Purpose
Industry Application
Construction Application Outdoors Roof, Roof Structure, Balcony Panel, Window Frame, Front Door, Garage Door, Rolling Shutter Door, Kiosk, Louvre, Makeshift House, Refrigerated Storage, etc.
Application Indoors Room Door, Dividing Wall, Door Frame, Light Steel Structural Part in House, Folding Screen, Interior Decoration of Bathroom and Elevator, Ventilating Duct, Communication Pipe, etc.
Electrical Appliance Refrigerator, Food Freezing Display Cabinet, Washing Machine, Electric Baking Oven, Air Conditioner, Electronic Computer, Duplicating Machine, Switch Cabinet, etc.
Sheet Metal Processing and Furniture Ventilation Heating Furnace, Outer Plate of Hot Water Tank, Outer Shell of Water Heater, Signboard, Medical Treatment Facilities, Lamps and Lanterns, Bookshelf, etc.
Transportation Automobile Ceiling, Interior Decorating Plate, Outer Shell of Automobile, Cargo Body Plate, Dash Board, Console Housing, Container, Expressway Fence, etc.
Others Musical Instrument Outer Shell, Meter Regulator, Instrument Panel, Thermos Bottle Shell, Bulletin Board, etc.

RAL Color Series

We are capable of providing the steel product with comparative advantage and the meticulous service to customers. Customers are welcomed to consult our products.

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