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Electro-Galvanized Steel Coil (EGI)

The electro-galvanized steel coil is manufactured by taking the cold rolled steel sheet as the base plate. After the annealing on the CAPL unit, the base plate comes to the electro galvanizing unit. After surface cleaning, it is electroplated with zinc on the surface. Then, in line with the purpose, the electroplated steel plate needs to go through the surface treatment covering phosphating, passivation, oiling, and fingerprint resistance. That is how the product is manufactured.

Zinc atoms of the electroplated zinc coating are deposited on the surface of the steel strip. And they attach onto the surface of the steel strip basically by the physical effect. So, the electro-galvanized steel coil can get the same processability like the cold rolled steel sheet. Its surface quality is very exquisite. The product is very suitable for the industries having high requirements to the steel sheet such as automobile filter, home appliance, digital product, etc. So far, we mainly export the product of fingerprint resistant type and phosphated type to Korean and Southeast Asian markets.

Standard JIS G3313
Thickness 0.4mm ~ 2.0mm
Width 800mm ~ 1500mm
Inside Diameter of Coil 508mm, 610mm
Coil Weight 2 ~ 16MT
Zinc Coating Weight 15 ~ 50g/m²
Surface Treatment Anti Fingerprint, Oiled, Phosphated

Features of Electroplated Zinc Coating
1. The electroplated zinc coating is good in corrosion resistance. It is uniform and compact, and won’t be intruded into the interior easily by corrosive gas or liquid.
2. The zinc coating is pure. It won’t be corroded easily no matter in acid or the alkaline environment to provide protection for the base steel in a long time effectively.
3. After the chromic acid passivation, the electroplated zinc coating shows various kinds of colors for the customers to choose. It is nice and decorative.
4. The zinc coating has good ductility. It won’t fall off easily even subjected to bending, impact, etc.

Industry Application
Automobile Air filter, fan, hydraulic cylinder, etc.
Home Appliance Refrigerator, microwave oven, printer, stereo equipment, and other electrical equipment
Construction Interior and exterior decorative materials for roofing, piping system, heating ventilation air conditioning, flashing board, door, window frame, etc.

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