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Silicon Steel (CRNGO)

What is silicon steel?
The silicon steel is the ferro-silicon alloy with the silicon content of 3% to 5% or so. With the increase of the silicon content, the iron loss, blanking property and magnetic flux density would decrease and the hardness would increase. The product is the indispensable important soft magnetic alloy in electric power, electronics and military industry. It is also the metallic functional material with the largest output. The product is primarily used as the iron core of various kinds of electric motors, electric generators and transformers.

Silicon steel is manufactured from the raw material of cold rolled steel plate. It falls into the cold rolled non-oriented type and cold rolled oriented type. The cold rolled non-oriented type is mainly for generator manufacturing. Its silicon content is 0.5% to 3.0%. The main purpose of the cold rolled oriented type is manufacturing the transformer. In contrast with the cold rolled non-oriented type, the cold rolled oriented type has strong direction. On the rolling direction of easy magnetization, it shows excellent high magnetic permeability and low loss property.

Currently, Chinese steel mills are technologically mature in manufacturing the non-oriented silicon steel. We mainly export the non-oriented product to foreign generator manufacturers.

Oriented Type Product
Our oriented type product with each grade is supplied in accordance with 1.7T and 50HZ iron loss as well as 800A/m magnetic flux density.

Specification of Oriented Type
Grade Nominal Thickness (mm) Theoretical Density (kd/dm³) Max. Iron Loss (W/kg) Min. Magnetic Flux Density (T) Min. Stacking Factor (%)
23Q110 0.23 7.65 1.10 1.80 94.5
23Q120 0.23 7.65 1.20 1.79 94.5
27Q120 0.27 7.65 1.20 1.80 95.0
27Q130 0.27 7.65 1.30 1.79 95.0
27Q140 0.27 7.65 1.40 1.78 95.0
30Q120 0.30 7.65 1.20 1.80 95.5
30Q130 0.30 7.65 1.30 1.80 95.5
30Q140 0.30 7.65 1.40 1.79 95.5
35Q135 0.35 7.65 1.35 1.80 96.0
35Q145 0.35 7.65 1.45 1.80 96.0
35Q155 0.35 7.65 1.55 1.78 96.0

Non-oriented Type Product
We supply the non-oriented silicon steel with each grade in line with 1.5T and 50HZ iron loss as well as 5000A/m magnetic flux density.

Specification of Non-oriented Type
Thickness Grade Theoretical Density (kd/dm³) Max. Iron Loss (W/kg) Min. Magnetic Flux Density (T) Min. Stacking Factor (%)
0.35mm 35WW250 7.60 2.30 1.62 95.0
35WW270 2.50 1.62
35WW300 7.65 3.00 1.62
35WW360 3.60 1.63
35WW400 4.00 1.64
35WW440 7.70 2.30 1.65
0.50 50WW250 7.60 2.30 1.62 97.0
50WW270 2.50 1.62
50WW290 2.70 1.62
50WW310 7.65 2.90 1.62
50WW350 3.10 1.62
50WW400 3.50 1.63
50WW470 7.70 4.00 1.64
50WW600 7.75 4.70 1.66
50WW700 7.80 6.00 1.67
50WW800 7.00 1.68
50WW1000 7.85 8.00 1.70
50WW1300 10.00 1.72

Insulation Characteristics of Surface Coating
Steel Category of Coating Coating Film Thickness (μm) Color Interlamination Resistance (Ω/m²) Applicable Annealing Temperature
Oriented Type Product Semi-organic Thin Coating
1.5 ~ 3.0 Grey >30 (GB2522-2007) 850
Non-oriented Type Product NGO semi-organic Thin Coating
(T4 )
0.8 ~ 1.2 Light Green >15 (GB2522-2007) 750
NGO semi-organic Thin Coating
(HW )
0.8 ~1.2 Transparent >20 (GB2522-2007) 750
NGO Water Soluble Coating
(C5 )
0.5 ~ 4 Grayish White >20 (GB2522-2007) 800
NGO Water Soluble Coating
(C6 )
2 ~7 Grayish White >1500 (ASTM A717-6) Not suitable for annealing
NGO self-adhesive Environmental Protection Coating 3 ~ 8 Grayish White Not suitable for annealing

1. The silicon steel has low iron loss which is the most important index of measuring the quality of the product. All the countries classify the grade according to the iron loss. The lower the iron loss is, the higher the grade is.
2. Under a strong magnetic field, the product has high magnetic flux density, decreasing the volume and weight of the iron core of generator and transformer and saving the silicon steel sheet, copper wire, insulation material, etc.
3. It has smooth surface, and is uniform in evenness and thickness. The product can elevate the stacking factor of iron core.
4. The silicon steel is also good in blanking property, which is significant for manufacturing micro and small motors.
5. With good adhesion and weldability of surface insulating film available, it is corrosion resistant and can improve the blanking property.
6. The product basically has no magnetic aging.

Our product is competitive in quality, price and service. Welcome customers to consult and purchase our products.

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