1. Galvalume Steel Coil (GL)Galvalume Steel Coil (GL)The galvalume steel coil is based on the aluminum-zinc alloy structure which is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicium, and formed by solidification under the high. ...
    1. Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil (GI,HDG,CGI)Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil (GI,HDG,CGI) It is characterized by strong corrosion resistance, goof surface quality, facilitating deep processing, high practicability, high economy, strong ageing property, uniform coating, etc.
    1. Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI)Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI)In addition to the zinc coating protection layer, the organic coating on the surface also plays an important role in protecting the product. It covers on the surface of the product and prevents the
    1. Color Coated Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI)The product is marked by light weight, nice appearance, and excellent anti corrosion performance. It can also be processed directly. The product becomes the new type raw material for construction
    1. Electro-Galvanized Steel Coil (EGI)Its surface quality is very exquisite. The product is very suitable for the industries having high requirements to the steel sheet such as automobile filter, home appliance, digital product, etc. So far, we mainly export the product of fingerprint
    1. Tinplate (TP)The product combines the strength and formability of steel and corrosion resistance, tin soldering property and nice appearance of the tin into a whole to form the material featuring
    1. Silicon Steel (CRNGO)The silicon steel is the ferro-silicon alloy with the silicon content of 3% to 5% or so. With the increase of the silicon content, the iron loss, blanking property and magnetic
    1. Aluminized Steel Sheet (ALCOT)The product is much superior to the galvanized steel plate and cold rolled steel plate in heat resistance quality. Even being used with the temperature of below 550°C for a long time, it almost has no change and ...
    1. Film Color Coated Steel Coil (PCM)With the plastic film available, the product can prevent scratches and moisture during the process of packaging, transportation and reprocessing. Generally, the plastic film that we use is 40μm in thickness.

Coated Steel

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Corrosion Resistant Steel | Custom Coating Steel Coil | Precoated Steel Sheet

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