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Cold Rolled Steel Coil (CR, CRC)

The cold rolled steel coil is manufactured by rolling the hot rolled steel plate under normal temperature. It is provided with good cold bending and welding properties as well as certain level of stamping performance. Compared with the hot rolled steel plate, the product is more accurate in thickness. Its surface is nice and smooth. Meanwhile, the product has various kinds of outstanding mechanical properties, especially the processability.

The steel being processed with cold rolling often becomes hard ad rigid. It is not suitable for processing. Therefore, the cold rolled steel coil is usually required to undergo annealing, acid pickling and skin pass before being delivered to the customers.

Our Customers
Currently, our customers with the demand for the product mainly come from developing countries. They are mostly the end customers in the industries involving automobile manufacturing, electrical engineering and electronics.

The cold rolled steel coil is often employed as the base plate of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet. It is also applied for automobile manufacturing, oil drum, transformer oil tank panel, furniture, etc.

Standard JIS G3141, EN 10131
Thickness 0.105mm ~ 3.0mm
Width 600mm ~ 1500mm
Inside Diameter of Coil 508mm, 610mm

General Purpose
Classification Designation Characteristics Main Applications
Commercial Quality SPCC
Suitable for bending fabrication and simple forming, it is the type in greatest demand. Refrigerators, cabinets, power distribution boards and drums
Drawing Quality SPCD With excellent uniformity, it is only second to SPCEN. Automobile floor and roof panels
Deep-drawing Quality SPCE
With metallurgically controlled grain size, it retains its beautiful finish even after the deep-drawn treatment. Automobile fenders and quarter panels
Extra Deep-drawing Quality SPCG It is the extra low carbon steel sheet with highest workability. Automobile internal panels and deep-drawn parts

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