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Hot Rolled Steel H Section

We can supply the hot rolled steel H section compliant with Chinese standard, American standard, Japanese standard, European standard, British standard, etc. The processing and distribution services are also available. We can fully meet the personalized needs of customers.

The hot rolled steel H section has excellent mechanical properties and superior characteristic for service. In accordance with the use purpose, the height-width ratio of cross section size is reasonably confirmed.
1. The product allows for flexible and diversified design style. Under the circumstance of same beam height, the standard width of steel structure is larger than that of concrete structure by 50%. That enables more flexible building layout.

2. By using the product, the self weight of the steel structure is lighter than that of the concrete structure. The reduction of structural self weight can decrease the internal stress of structural design, and allows for low requirements to the building foundation treatment, easy construction and low construction cost.

3. The hot rolled steel H section based steel structure has reasonable and scientific structure, good plasticity and flexibility, and high structural stability. It is appropriate for the building structure bearing vibration and large impact load. Owing to the strong ability to resist natural disaster, the steel structure is especially fit for the building structure in the earthquake prone zone. According to the statistics, in the devastating earthquake disaster with the magnitude of over 7 in the world, the steel structural building based on the product suffers the damage with minimum degree.

4. The steel structure based on the product has high degree of industrialization production. It facilitates machine manufacturing and intensive production. Meanwhile, featuring high precision, convenient installation and easily guaranteed quality, the steel structure based on the product can be employed for constructing the real housing production factory, bridge production factory, industrial building production factory, etc. Developing the steel structure creates and drives the development of hundreds of emerging industries.

5. The steel structure made of the hot rolled steel H section comes with small occupation area, and fast construction speed which is two to three times that of the concrete structure. Little affected by the weather conditions, it is suitable for construction in all weather conditions. Meanwhile, the capital turnover rate is doubled, which can reduce financial expenses and save the investment. Take the Shanghai Jin Mao Tower which was once the tallest architecture in China. The backbone structure with the height of almost 400m is roofed completely just with less than half a year. However, it needs two years to complete the reinforced concrete backbone structure.

Product Type Grade (Material) Specified Length Executive Standard Specification
Chinese Standard Compliant Type Q235A/B/C/D/E, Q345A/B/C/D/E, Q390A/B/C 6-18m GB/T 11263, GB/T700, GB/T 1591 HW100-400 HW150-600 HN150-900
Japanese Standard Compliant Type SS400, SM490A, SM490B, SM490YA, SN490B 6-18m JIS G3101, JIS G3106, JIS G 3136, JIS G3192 HW100-400 HW150-600 HN150-900
Korean Standard Compliant Type SS400 6-18m KS D3503, KS D3502 HW100-400 HW150-600 HN150-900
European Standard Compliant Type S235JO, S235J2, S235JR, S275JR, S275JO, S275J2, S355JO, S355J2, S355JR, S355J2+N 6-18m EN 10034, EN10025 HE100-500 IPE140-700
American Standard GR50, GR55, GR65, A36, A43 6-18m ASTM 572A, ASTM A6, ASTM A36 W8
British Standard Compliant Type 40B, 50B, 50C, 55C 6-18m EN10034, BS4-1 BS4360 UB UC Various Series
Product for Offshore Oil Platform SM490YB 6-18m JIS G3106, GB/T11263 HW100-400 HM150-600 HN150-900
Product for Railway Overhead Contact System Pole Q235A/B/C/D, Q345A/B/C/D 6-18m EN10034, GB/T700, GB/T 1591 IPB(V)240T IPB240/260/280/300

We are the trustworthy steel products supplier for our comparative advantage and premium service.

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