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Steel Coil Pickling Shearing

After being sheared and processed, our pickled steel plate is mainly distributed to the automobile manufacturer as the plate for vehicle chassis.

Pickling Cut-to-length Processing Flow
Uncoiling ­­­--- Stretching-bending Rectifying --- Cleaning --- Shearing --- Inspection --- Packaging
1. Uncoiling: Remove the package of the steel coil. Utilize the crane to lift the steel coil and put it onto the shearing equipment.
2. Stretching-bending Rectifying: Rectifying the steel plate position to guarantee the accuracy of the steel plate before shearing. That is for making sure the shearing precision.
3. Cleaning: Clean off the dust or other contaminants on the surface of steel plate.
4. Shearing: Shear the steel plate with the size conforming to the requirements of customers.
5. Inspection: The quality control personnel make surface quality checking to the sheared steel plate.
6. Packaging: Package the processed steel plate according to the quantity or weight that the customers require.

Specification of Pickling Cut-to-length Line
Processing Material Pickling Steel Coil
Thickness of Material 1.5 mm ~6.0 mm
Width of Material 600mm ~1650 mm
Length of Shearing 500mm ~6000 mm
Length Tolerance ± 0.8 mm
Max. Shear Strength 560 N/mm
Max. Yield Strength 420 N/mm
Max. Production Line Speed 70 m/min
Outside Diameter of Steel Coil < 2000 mm
Inside Diameter of Steel Coil 508mm / 610 mm
Processing Capacity 70,000 MT/year

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