1. Steel Coil SlittingThe material we can process covers cold rolled steel, electro-galvanized steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, galvalume steel, color coated steel, electrical steel, and stainless steel.
    1. Steel Coil Cut-to-lengthWe also provide the steel coil cut-to-length processing service with material including cold rolled steel, electro-galvanized steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel ...
    1. Steel Coil Pickling ShearingAfter being sheared and processed, our pickled steel plate is mainly distributed to the automobile manufacturer as the plate for vehicle chassis.
    1. Steel Coil Mini ShearingWe mainly provide the small steel shearing processing service to the customers engaged in small household electrical appliance manufacturing. The electro-galvanized steel plate predominates ...
    1. Steel Roof Panel Roll FormingThe color plate product that is manufactured by the roof panel roll forming machine is extensively used in construction, home appliance, traffic transportation, etc. In the construction area, it is mainly applied as the roof ...

Steel Processing Service

For serving the users better and more meticulously, we established the Shanghai Junbo Steel Processing Company Limited in 2008 with the registered capital of 10 million CNY and the total investment of over 60 million CNY. The newly founded company focuses on the shearing, processing, distribution and steel storage of the high strength and deep drawing steel plate for automobile and home appliance use.

Production Equipment and Warehouse
In the respect of production equipment, Junbo is outfitted with complete set of imported precision shearing production lines covering one set of slitting production line, one set of cut-to-length processing line, one set of mini shearing processing line, and one set of pickling shearing processing line. Our processing capability can reach up to 30000t per month. As to the storage, the company also has the 30000-square-meter indoor warehouse with the storage capability of 150000t.

Role of Steel Processing and Distribution Center
The standardized and mass-produced steel is the raw material in the value chain of final industrial product or social consumer goods. 95% of the steel must undergo circulation and processing and then can be used to manufacture the final product.

The steel processing and distribution center functions as the link for the steel enterprises to form the supply chain with downstream customers. Its logistics service directly affects the management level of steel supply chain and the production, operation mode and performance level of the upstream and downstream customers. As the logistics service supplier, the steel processing and distribution center works in line with the requirements of customers to uncoil, straighten, clean, shear, process, and inspect the steel and process the rolled steel to semi-finished products or components that the downstream customers need. Then, within the optimum time, it distributes the processed steel to each customer to keep up with the needs of customers and achieve the high-level low-cost steel circulation to the fullest extent.

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